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Guest Post: Jordan L Hawk talks Hoarfrost and more

Hoarfrost on Amazon - scroll on for more buy links.In the last year or so Jordan L Hawk has become one of my favourite writers and I made Bloodline my top book of 2014 when I did my review of the year. So I’m delighted she’s agreed to be a guest on my blog.

Hoarfrost, the sixth novel in the very popular Whyborne and Griffin series is out on 21st of April. Read on for an interview with Jordan and more details about Hoarfrost.

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A shower of links

April already. Has spring sprung properly where you are yet?

6 Reasons Writers Can’t Write….
Victoria Grefer on the Crimson League blog about the commonest reasons writers get stuck not writing.

Here are six things, that in different times or in various combinations, have prevented me from writing. It’s important to do your best to understand why the task feels daunting when it becomes that way. Often it’s easy to blame the BIG reason, the obvious reason, when the true barrier might be a combination of different factors. Sometimes, addressing the obvious issues doesn’t do quite enough to get us motivated again.

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5 Reasons Not To Read Your Reviews

When you are published or you self-publish, suddenly there’s your book on Amazon and Goodreads and other places where people can review it. And it’s in the hands of review bloggers who are going to write something longer than a line about it. Every author wants reviews. They think reviews sell books, or indeed that bad reviews put people off buying. How true that all is, who knows? But wanting to have reviews doesn’t mean it’s a good thing for you, the writer, to read them.
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Tribute to Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett was one of my all time favourite authors. I read of his death in a Facebook post while I was at work and was barely able to stay composed. Especially once I saw the sad final tweets posted to the official Terry Pratchett Twitter account by his daughter.

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