October Links

Hannibal Leaves Us Starving: Queerbaiting in Modern TV By Kate Aaron on her blog. Fans went crazy over Destiel, and for a while, show writers went along with it, until it “got old” and that’s when the gaslighting began. If fans so much as mention the word Destiel at conventions where SPN is represented they […]

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September Links

Here are this month’s recommended links. Finding the Balance Between Hooking Readers and Setting up the Story the Balance Between Hooking Readers and Setting up the Story By Janice Hardy on the Romance University blog. The problem with starting with a bang: Since readers haven’t yet met those characters involved in the trouble, they don’t […]

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August Links

9 Story Openings To Avoid, Part 2 Kristin Nelson & Angie Hodapp continue their series on Nelson Agency blog. Your opening pages might be in trouble if… #2) Your novel opens with White Room Syndrome. In other words, you may have succeeded at putting at least one character on the page, and maybe some sort […]

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The Joy of Tickling

This post was originally on my Live Journal but I thought I’d update it and post it here, because I’m kind of evangelical about the subject. The Tickler File, for anyone who wants to never lose a plane ticket or forget a bill again. It’s an old idea (I mean it’s about paper!) but it’s […]

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