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Writer of m/m romance, published by Loose Id

Tribute to Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett was one of my all time favourite authors. I read of his death in a Facebook post while I was at work and was barely able to stay composed. Especially once I saw the sad final tweets posted to the official Terry Pratchett Twitter account by his daughter.

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Linking into Spring

Is it spring yet? If not, why not? Okay, it’s still pretty nippy here, so cuddle up in your thermals and check out some links.

Fatal Submission Mistakes
Writers worry they’re going to ruin their chances before their books are even read. Wendy Lawton on Books and Such discusses how some fatal mistakes are not as fatal as you think. Take her quiz to find out which is which!

1) At a writer’s conference you pitched your book to an agent who seemed very interested. She handed you her business card and asked you to send the proposal and first three chapters. The trouble is, you learned so much at the conference you wanted to make changes before you sent it. How time flies while fiddling with a manuscript. It’s now nearly a year later, you’re heading to the conference again and chances are that agent may see you even though you plan to avoid her at all costs. Fatal submission mistake? Yes or No

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Writing, reality, and “the dress”

If you don’t know what I mean by “the dress”, check it out here on Buzzfeed.

It’s definitely the most virulent net phenomenon so far this year. The dress actually is blue and black, but in that photograph some people see it that way and some people see it as white and gold. The response to the story of the massive debate included such things as the BBC asking “What would Wittgenstein say about that dress?” and apparently a special edition white and gold version is to be auctioned for charity.

It’s got me thinking about the larger idea that not everyone sees the same thing the same way. Even something that seems as simple and objective as the colour of a dress. Of course we all expect some variation. We know some people are colour blind and might not be seeing the same blue or green as someone else. But in this case the difference is so extreme that it’s hard for each side to fathom how the other side can be seeing something so drastically removed from what appears to be objective reality.

The truth is, there is no objective reality. There’s only perception of it. And that’s even within the limited range of what humans can see. A human’s “objective” view of a flower petal might be that it’s plain white. A bee would differ on the matter. It sees a bunch of spots and lines designed to entice the bee to spread the flower’s pollen. Who is right, the human or the bee? Both? Neither?

But enough of this philosophy. Of course as usual I related it to writing. It’s important to remember this lack of objective reality when you’re writing.
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News roundup

It’s only two months into the year and a lot has happened already, so I feel it’s time for a news Tempting The Stars cover by Scott Carpenterroundup of where everything is and what’s coming up from me in the next few months.

Recently Released

The third of the Red Dragon series is out now from Loose Id! Alyn and Jarvez reach the end of their story, but see the Coming Soon below for more news on the series.

Marriage should be a happy ending, but for Alyn and Jarvez it’s only the start of a new set of problems as grief and guilt stir deeply buried desires in Jarvez. Will wedded bliss prove to be a myth?
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