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Being Organised Tip – Rights Reversions

Getting your rights back from a book or story has become an important issue for many writers. People often want to self-publish a book that’s been with a publisher for a few years. Maybe the publisher isn’t doing much for it any more and the writer wants to spruce it up with a new cover and give it a new lease of life. I know a writer who did so well doing this that the publisher came and asked her to sign with them again. She didn’t.

Some contracts have quite complicated provisions for rights reversion, but many will be quite simple – “X number of years from publication date”. After that, you have the option to either renew with them for Y number of years, or to take the rights back and either sell them elsewhere or publish yourself (or do nothing with them because you’re happy to see that book never available again… It happens.)
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September Links

Ah, the miracle of scheduling. I’m not home right now, I’m in Bristol, at the UK Meet. If you’re not there too, console yourself with these links. :)

A Recipe for Nanowrimo: Plan Your Characters and Improvise Your Plot
It’s not so long before NaNoWriMo now. I know I’m already planning. Roz Morris has some good advice for NaNoWriMo plotters and everyone else.

Indeed, if I had to choose whether to outline plot or characters in detail, I’d spend the time on creating the characters. Why?

Once I know who my fictional people are, they start acting, talking and steering the show – merely by being themselves. This streamlines the writing process enormously, helps you write in a natural flow. It’s especially useful for project like NaNoWriMo, where you want to get your wordcount done – but still have fun.

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September Lucky Seventh Giveaway

Contest now closed. Thanks for your interest. Congratulations to winner, Trix. Come back on 7th October for another chance to win a book.

Feeling lucky?

Time for my monthly backlist giveaway!

How it works.

  • I’ll post the list below, specifying if they are print or ebook. Maybe I’ll ask a silly question too.
  • Enter a comment below, answer the question, tell a joke, whatever and say what you’d like to win.
  • If ebook, tell me your preferred format.
  • If print, I’ll only ask you for your postal address if you win.
  • Make sure to put your email address in the email field of the comment form so I can contact you.

Once they’re gone they’re gone! Some might only have one to give away, others more. I’ll run these posts until I’ve whittled down the list and have none left. I’ll run each contest for a week.

Read on to see what’s up for grabs this month. Click on the cover to see more details on the book page.
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August books post

I still need to get more reading time. But I’m still well on track for my challenge for the year.

Books (and yes, that’s a comic book! I’ve never been a comics reader, but the Marvel movies, and especially Captain America: The Winter Soldier, made me want to try some out. Then I saw you could get them for Kindle and they looks great on my 10 inch tablet and I was in there!)

Free Will Boy who followed ripley 23834716 Captain America Return of Sherlock Holmes

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Linky Birthday to me

Okay, so the actual birthday was a couple of days ago, but close enough. Enjoy some lovely links for August!

Perfectionism is Murdering Your Muse
Veronica Sicoe’s excellent post about how to face and slay that dread beast, perfectionism.

Perfectionists are so obsessed with the fear of failure (which always follows them, since it’s nearly impossible to plan and work for that 1% of stellar success) that they become paralyzed. They constantly overplan, overthink, overprepare, second-guess, change their minds, backtrack and “correct,” then change their plans again, because they can’t face the possibility that their efforts might not lead to absolute success. That they might just be another writer, instead of THE Author.

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