January books post

My 2016 challenge is 150 books, which means around 12 – 13 a month. Which means some months I’d better get more, because I’ve got A Dance with Dragons on the list. Though since The Winds of Winter is going to be delayed, no rush to read that! So I’m about on track so far […]

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January Links

Links will be third weekend of the month this year, mostly to move the post a bit further away from the Lucky 7th post. Enjoy! Hate the Character, Love the Book? Charlotte Wood on The Hoopla challenges the notion that characters must be “likeable”. The broader issue of ‘likeability’ in fictional characters is intriguing. Most […]

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Review of the year

So 2015 has been and gone. The years stampede past like a herd of wildebeest, don’t they? Books released I think this has been the bumper year for me for releases – no wonder I’m knackered. Five books out, of varying lengths from 22k novella to full on novel length. The five include my first […]

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