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Writer of m/m (and a little F/F) romance, published by Loose Id, JMS Books and Dreamspinner Press.

Are you a finisher?

Starting a story is hard. Getting past being all mouth and having the nerve to actually start putting down words is hard. But what’s harder still is finishing. It’s hard because it’s important. Finishing is truly what separates the writers from the wannabes. Not publication, because not everyone writes to be published. Not prizes, or acclaim or number of reviews. FINISHING.

There are plenty of non finishers out there, and I think they fall into two main camps.
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Because I said so

One thing new writers often worry about (one of many many thing) is “people will surely be bored out of their skulls by all the times I use ‘said’.” But generally that’s not the case. Readers hardly notice it. They mostly notice when the writer is straining to use any word other than ‘said’.

Plain, unvarnished “said” is commonly accepted as the best speech tag these days. Lists do float around the internet of “alternatives to said”. They often pop up on the NaNoWriMo boards during the event, at which point more experienced writers start waving their arms and shouting “Noooo!!”
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There may be links ahead

10 things not to say (or do) to your editor
Andi Marquette with advice for those maybe working with an editor for the first time.

I know what it feels like to be working with an editor who you think is missing the point of your vision, who is crushing your writing dreams by saying a scene doesn’t work, who just might be a cross between a werewolf and a vampire and is merely toying with your emotions before stomping on your ego. I get that. But I also know what it’s like to help a writer realize her vision in clearer, stronger prose so that she goes on to write better prose later and she remains a colleague and works with you many times after that because she trusts you.

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Cover love – the cover art appreciation post

Getting the cover art for your book is a bit scary every time. What if you hate it? What if everyone hates it? What if it’s beautiful, but somehow not right for the book? I think I’ve been very lucky so far, with the three publishers I’ve worked with, that I’ve had good and even great covers from all of them. Some I love more than others, but I wouldn’t call any of them duds.

This isn’t entirely good luck mind. It is something I consider when deciding to submit to a publisher. I look at the covers of their books and consider if I’m likely to get a decent cover from them. If all their covers look like slapped together Friday afternoon jobs, then what else are they likely to skimp on? Editing? So covers matter to me as a writer at every stage of the game. Don’t judge a book by its cover – but judge the publisher.

Art by Scott Carpenter
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Release Day – The Champion’s Secret

The Champion’s Secret is out today. It’s available now on Loose Id’s site and will appear on reseller sites soon. Check the book page for more buy links as they appear.

Red Dragon #4: The Champion’s Secret

Cover by Scott CarpenterBlurb
Lawyer Will Garrett took a job with the Outer Spiral Trading Company for one reason only—to keep his ex out of jail. Now his ex is free, but with someone else. This leaves Will seeing out the final months of his contract on assignment as the legal counsel for a sports team of Modern Gladiators on a Company sponsored tour.

Jimmy Campbell, mighty Highland warrior, is the champion and captain of Team Spartacus. But really he’s James De Villiers, half-Scottish, half-South-African, ex-soldier. He’s only in this for the money. One more season then he’s gone. He’s already older than most of the team, with a nagging shoulder injury.

Will and James get together thinking only of killing time in bed during the trips between tour stops. But as they grow closer and Will makes friends with the team, trouble starts with team manager Lenny Sheridan. Lenny doesn’t want anyone to know James is gay. A hostage crisis focuses all the media in the sector on the team and forces James to decide if keeping his secret and his career is more important to him than acknowledging his relationship with Will, whatever that costs him.

A m/m science fiction romance available now from Loose Id.

ISBN: 978-1-62300-669-3 (ebook)

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