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News roundup

It’s only two months into the year and a lot has happened already, so I feel it’s time for a news Tempting The Stars cover by Scott Carpenterroundup of where everything is and what’s coming up from me in the next few months.

Recently Released

The third of the Red Dragon series is out now from Loose Id! Alyn and Jarvez reach the end of their story, but see the Coming Soon below for more news on the series.

Marriage should be a happy ending, but for Alyn and Jarvez it’s only the start of a new set of problems as grief and guilt stir deeply buried desires in Jarvez. Will wedded bliss prove to be a myth?
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New Release – Red Dragon #3: Tempting the Stars

Tempting The Stars cover by Scott CarpenterAvailable now! It’s release day for the third book in my Red Dragon series following starship captain Alyn Evans and company rep Jarvez Kashari.

This is the last in the main series for the Red Dragon characters. There is a spin off book starring Will from Too Good A Man coming later this year, but I don’t have more books planned for Alyn and Jarvez – but I’ve always had trouble letting go of characters, so who can say they won’t at least pop up in something short?

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(Giveaway contest is now closed. Thanks for entering and congratulations to winner Jbst.)
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The Dreaded Synopsis

Synopsis. The very word makes some writers shudder. I don’t mind them too much myself. I’ve written 17 of the things now – actually I’m calling it 18 because the synopsis for Ganymede Tilt had to be rewritten from scratch after its revise and resubmit journey. So I think it’s high time I wrote a blog post about what I’ve learned from them.

Let’s start with clarifying what one is. A synopsis is a summary of the story or novel, sent at some stage in the submission and querying process. It’s not the back cover copy or blurb, or a short description such as might be in the query letter/email. It’s a telling of the whole story. Essentially it’s another version of the story, just very short in comparison.
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Valentine’s Links

Corazon by IlhhHappy Valentine’s Day!
I hope you’ve love these links I’ve gathered for you.

In Defense of the Gatekeepers
Hilary Monahan on why the much feared gatekeepers of publishing are a good thing.

2) Quality control exists in every facet of our lives.

Every part in your car was inspected by number fourteen to make sure when you put your key in the ignition, your gilded chariot doesn’t explode in a fiery ball of death. Every implement in a doctor’s hands was inspected to ensure it passes standards before the doctor removes your spleen. Your jeans were inspected to make sure the stitching is secure and your fly doesn’t stay down exposing your tallywhack to children at the mall. Your goddamned CHEETOS were inspected to make sure you don’t get some conjoined twin giant Cheeto in your bag of snacks. Quality control is, by and large, a great thing that improves our lives. Until it’s not working to your personal advantage, I guess?

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Striking a balance

Authors can sometimes go to one extreme or another in their attitude to their work, as evidenced by two types of query letter.

Type 1:

Dear Agent,

Rejoice! It’s your lucky day! I have chosen you to represent me and my new manuscript. This book will shortly be an all-time bestseller, is sure to win many literary prizes and will make us both rich. When the inevitable auction breaks out between publishers for the rights to this book, you will make it clear to them that no editing will be permitted to sully the perfection of my words.

And so on. Amazingly, the agents don’t take the author up on this incredible opportunity.
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