August Links

9 Story Openings To Avoid, Part 2 Kristin Nelson & Angie Hodapp continue their series on Nelson Agency blog. Your opening pages might be in trouble if… #2) Your novel opens with White Room Syndrome. In other words, you may have succeeded at putting at least one character on the page, and maybe some sort […]

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The Joy of Tickling

This post was originally on my Live Journal but I thought I’d update it and post it here, because I’m kind of evangelical about the subject. The Tickler File, for anyone who wants to never lose a plane ticket or forget a bill again. It’s an old idea (I mean it’s about paper!) but it’s […]

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July Books Post

The number of books read as opposed to listen to is very lame, yes. But I have been reading something else for a project, that I can’t put on here. But I am still struggling with finding time and motivation and concentration – and not just for reading. ::sigh:: Audiobooks are helping though, and I […]

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July Links

Links a little late this month. I hadn’t collected enough by last weekend! Writing Query Letters (or, how to be touched with a bargepole) K.J. Charles on query letters and why you’re probably overthinking them. Aspiring authors get pretty ground down by this stuff so herewith a few tips. Firstly, this is honestly not as […]

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