April Links

Fact and Fiction: The Trouble with Historical Novels Writer of historical fiction, Richard Blake, on some of the less obvious pitfalls for writers of historical fiction. If you describe anything as “the worst thing that can happen,” it probably isn’t. Whatever you care to imagine, there’s usually something worse. But one of the worst things […]

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March books post

I kind of got a strop on and decided 150 books as a target for the year is unreasonable and reading is not meant to be a competitive thing and 100 books in a year is more than some people read in their whole lives, so stop being an ass… Anyway, I cut it down […]

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March Links

Singing in your own voice Writer Anna Butler on finding the right narrator for a story, first person or third and when each works or doesn’t. I do get why some people hate first person POV. They don’t like the limited viewpoint they’re getting, or feel it’s an attempt to create a sort of false […]

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