Week 2 progress report

15th January already. Christmas long behind already and what I’m choosing to call The Dreadful Event only five days ahead of us. Good luck, friends. Key goals progress 1) Scored 6/7 for the 1000 words drafted a day this week. Did manage to miss one. But got right back on the horse the next day. […]

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Week one progress report

Not a bad week. Not perfect, but definitely a decent start to the new year. Key goals progress: 1000 words per day: DONE! 1000+ each day and since 1st of Jan have done 8480. For this week only, starting Monday 2nd, 7425 words. Cover 15 miles extra distance: Between gym machines and outdoor walking I […]

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New year, new everything

It’s 2017 and I’m not looking back at 2016. It was rubbish in lots and lots of ways. Good riddance. I’m only looking forward now. I’ve got some new plans to try to move on from the mire I got stuck in during 2016, when I barely wrote any new words, and even found reading […]

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October Links

Hannibal Leaves Us Starving: Queerbaiting in Modern TV By Kate Aaron on her blog. Fans went crazy over Destiel, and for a while, show writers went along with it, until it “got old” and that’s when the gaslighting began. If fans so much as mention the word Destiel at conventions where SPN is represented they […]

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September Links

Here are this month’s recommended links. Finding the Balance Between Hooking Readers and Setting up the Story the Balance Between Hooking Readers and Setting up the Story By Janice Hardy on the Romance University blog. The problem with starting with a bang: Since readers haven’t yet met those characters involved in the trouble, they don’t […]

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