Immutable – a short history and a giveaway

My newest release Immutable comes out on the 8th of July. Keep reading for more details and a chance to win a copy.

Maria Fanning.

It’s sometimes hard to remember the exact moment you got a story idea. But not this one. I got this idea on the 29th of July 2014, at about 6am. I was visiting my brother for a few days and had woken up early on the day I’d later be headed home on the train. Lying there half asleep the idea for the story started coming to me and played out in my head like a half-awake dream.
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June Books Post

New regular feature! I’ve been posting on Live Journal each month about the books I’ve read that month and a glimpse of what I say I’ll read next month, but who knows how that will turn out?

I’ve been pretty busy this month so the ratio is kind of skewed to audio again. I need to make more reading time! I also need to slow down listening to the audio books as I’m burning through some in a couple of days. That’s not good. Audio books should be savoured. But there’s always a second (and third and forth) listen.
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Mid year shake up and refilling the well

It’s nearly the end of June? When did that happen? Wasn’t it Christmas a couple of weeks ago? Why are those kids on my lawn? Zzzz…

No wait, I’m awake. The middle of the year is a good time to shake things up a bit, so I’m going to do so on my blog.

Wishing WellFor one thing I need to refill the well when it comes to advice on writing and publishing and marketing and other ways of generally being a pest on the internet. So for a while at least I’ll post fewer formal article style posts and more informal ones about what I’m up to and what bee I have in my bonnet at the time.

The Links post will continue on the second Saturday of the month. But I won’t stick to my rigid weekly on Saturday schedule for a while. One regular post I’m going to add is something I’ve been doing on Live Journal this year, which is a post on the last day of the month about books I’ve read that month. I’ve decided to stop posting on Live Journal, which I was barely doing any more.

Other that that, info about releases of course, including cover reveals and giveaways and a bit of background about the book. Every couple of months I’ll do a news roundup about what’s happening and what to expect soon. Guest blogs sometimes with cool writers I like.

I don’t think I’ll be posting any fewer posts per month, they may just pop up more randomly and be more chatty and personal.

The History of Mapping the Shadows

Mapping the Shadows cover. Art by April Martinez.The first seeds of Mapping the Shadows were planted right back at the start of 2014. I was thinking then about writing a series of shorts about a pair of characters, maybe each one standalone, but with an arc that would build to a finale. I decided early on I wanted it to be a “hardboiled detective” type of story, but set on a space station. Sci-fi noir if you like.

I set out to read lots of noir and detective stories. I thought about the idea a lot. I tried to figure out how to do it serialised. But in the end I binned the serial idea and made it a novel. That’s nearly always my form. I slated it for NaNoWriMo.
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