Novels and Novellas that aren’t in a series – well, not yet.
Into the Sunrise cover. Art by Mina Carter Mapping the Shadows from Loose Id. ImmutableFS
Patient Z from Loose Id Dream For Me  from Loose Id


The Red Dragon Series
Series following the relationship of Alyn and Jarvez. Should be read in order.
#4 is a spin off following a character from book 2, so can be read before or after #3. The events are taking place around the same time.

The Company Man Too Good A Man cover by Scott Carpenter Tempting The Stars cover by Scott Carpenter Cover by Scott Carpenter


Travelers Series
A series of stories set in the same universe but not directly related. Can be read in any order.

Liar's Waltz cover Stowaway Cover Higher Ground
Ganymede Tilt Chrysalis Cage cover

Short stories available alone or in anthologies.

Loose Cannon Cover Reclaiming Territory Cover Smoke In My Eyes from JMS Books

Hot Off The Press anthology Not Quite Shakespeare Anthology Lashings of Sauce Cover


Free Reads
Two sci-fi novels available for free.
Shoot the Humans First The Battle of Hollow Jimmy