Short Stories

Short stories available either alone or in anthologies.

Me and My Big Mouth 400x600 wedded_to_calamity_400x600.jpg Loose Cannon Cover

Lashings of Sauce Cover Reclaiming Territory Cover Smoke In My Eyes from JMS Books

Role Model

Journalist Paul is keen for an indepth interview with heroic paramedic, Drew. And not only because it’s a great story. But Paul’s not out and when he confesses his feelings Drew says he won’t date a closeted man, not with all the pain that can bring. Paul needs to decide if his fear of losing his career is stronger than his feelings for Drew


99 Problems

Ice cream seller Rob Catteneo, wants to get closer to rival Chez Bianchi, in both the business and personal sense. But Chez fears his very traditional family finding out he’s gay, so despite one night together, he resists Rob’s overtures. Only Rob’s help with an ice cream emergency on an important summer weekend brings Chez around to reconsidering Rob’s business — and personal — propositions.


Wake-up Call

When you live beside a cat café, it’s inevitable the fur will start flying eventually. Derek “Dez” Walker, a police officer wounded in a shooting, feels adrift and isolated as he makes a slow recovery. Others call him a hero, but it’s a title he doesn’t think he deserves.

When Dez intervenes in a burglary at the cat café near his apartment, he meets the owner, Francis “Fran” Green. Though he’s a hero to Fran for his intervention in the burglary, it’s Fran who becomes a strong source of support for Dez. Fran offers friendship to his vulnerable neighbour and, as they spend more time together, Dez comes to rely on Fran … and his cats.

He begins to find the way out of his isolation, but does he deserve everything Fran offers?


Me and My Big Mouth 400x600Me and My Big Mouth

Max Sagan’s mouth is always getting him in trouble. His special talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person makes it hard to hold onto either a job or a boyfriend for long.

When Max is fired yet again, his best friend Noah reluctantly gets Max an interview where he works. Max is grateful, but unsure if a party boy like him will fit in at a stuffy law firm. Then he meets Noah’s gorgeous boss, lawyer Owen Hart, and becomes determined to keep this job


wedded_to_calamity_400x600.jpgWedded to Calamity

Whose silly idea was it to get married in a remote Scottish castle in the middle of winter? But before they can get married, Londoner Kim and her fiery Brazilian fiancée, Gabi, first have to get there.


Loose Cannon CoverLoose Cannon

Teamed with unconventional agent Taya, Lieutenant Barb Carolus is both irritated with and attracted to her temporary partner. She’s conflicted about her orders to bring down a rogue officer who’s a hero of her home planet and feeling bitter enough to give in to desire. Barb’s by-the-book approach won’t work when she’s forced to improvise a solution to save their lives after the mission goes bad.


Lashings of Sauce CoverReclaiming Territory in the Lashings of Sauce anthology

We Brits love our sauce, whether it’s what we lash on our food, read on our seaside postcards, or write in our stories. Come and enjoy a buffet of tasty LGBTQ treats!

If you only want Reclaiming Territory, it’s available free on Smashwords and other retailers.


Reclaiming Territory CoverReclaiming Territory

Many years ago the events of a weekend at the seaside drove Jim to make a choice he’ll always regret. Now Jim and his lover Andy return to the place that once ended their relationship. Only there can they reconcile the past with their future together.


Smoke In My Eyes from JMS Books Smoke In My Eyes

Grieving, scared of aging, scared of loneliness, Daniel has to prove himself to Chris, a man still too afraid to love again after watching his lover die slowly and painfully. Giving up the cigarettes is just the first of Daniel’s challenges. Is the skittish Chris worth the sacrifice?


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