99 Problems

This story is available now from JMS Books. It was previously published in the anthology Not Quite Shakespeare and is now available by itself for the first time.

Rob Catteneo takes charge of his family’s business, selling ice cream in a British seaside town, and finds their oldest competitor, Bianchi’s, is now being run by the youngest son, Chez. Chez was once a schoolmate but never a friend, because of their old family rivalry.

Rob’s interested in both a business partnership with Bianchi’s and a more personal relationship with Chez. But Chez is deep in the closet, terrified his very traditional family will discover he’s gay. A night together in a hotel gives Rob insight into Chez’s fears and vulnerability and he’s sure he can help, but Chez resists further business and personal overtures.

On an important summer weekend for both firms, Rob keeps a cool head in an ice cream emergency and helps Chez out, leaving Chez open to future propositions. Will this be the first step on the road to a sweet future together?

ISBN: 978-1-63486-383-4

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The Not Quite Shakespeare anthology paperback can still be found through sellers on Amazon Marketplace and similar sites.
ISBN 978-1-63216-019-5 (Anthology Print)

Cover by Written Ink Designs

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