Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon

Loose Cannon CoverMilitary intelligence officer Lieutenant Barb Carolus is ordered to investigate Colonel Locke, a rogue officer suspected of selling military weapons on the black market. Colonel Locke is from Barb’s home planet and she knows exposing his crimes down will tarnish the reputation of those rare people like her who’ve escaped the poverty and gangs of their home world to become officers. But orders are orders and she always does her duty.

For the mission she’s teamed with the unconventional—and in Barb’s opinion, entirely unprofessional—undercover agent Taya Borovsky. Working with Taya will test Barb’s “by the book” approach to the limits, especially when attraction overcomes her irritation with Taya. Bitter about upholding standards nobody else does, Barb gives in to her desires.

When the mission goes bad, Barb and Taya are on the run and outgunned. To survive, Barb must learn from Taya’s unconventional methods and improvise a solution to complete her mission and save their lives.

A f/f science fiction romance short available now from JMS Books.

18,000 words

ISBN: 9781611526660

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Loose Cannon Cover
Loose Cannon Cover by Written Ink Designs

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