Standalone Novels and Novellas

Bring Me the Dead

Beau would like Ki-tae to stop trying to send him to jail for hunting down ancient imperial artifacts for rich collectors. But what he’d like most of all is Ki-tae in his bed again—once wasn’t enough.

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Into the Sunrise

Lorna’s plan to escape her loveless marriage never took Zoe into account. On the day she leaves they meet on the road. It should be only a brief encounter, but they just can’t leave each other behind.

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Will be available again June 30th from JMS books.

Immutable Cover art by Marie FanningImmutable

Every night, in the tiny cottage he shares with his dying mother, lonely young shepherd Callum dreams of having a lover by his side. A man to share his bed and his life.

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Available in ebook.

Mapping the Shadows

Journalist Gabe and P.I. Ash join forces to uncover the truth behind the murders haunting Ash. Will the intense attraction between fiery Gabe and cool Ash distract them, or make them a better team?

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Dream For Me

When a sleep scientist meets the last sleeper in America he soon wants to study more than the brain of his handsome, hostile test subject. But his lab rat has more secrets to uncover than he expected.
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