Excerpt Too Good A Man

Warning: Adult Content!

Chapter One

Jarvez slipped out of his quarters into the corridor. The lights were still at half strength, marking night aboard the Red Dragon. He glanced around and listened carefully. Silence. Behind the doors along the corridor, the ship’s officers were probably still asleep. Jarvez moved quietly toward Alyn’s door. At the last second he veered off when he heard the sound of the bulkhead door at the end of the section opening. Lieutenant Kress appeared, in uniform.

“Oh, good morning, Mr. Kashari,” she said, looking a little startled. No doubt she was surprised to see him out and about dressed only in pajamas and robe. Jarvez made a brave attempt to look casual. Not easy while wearing bedroom slippers.

“Good morning, Lieutenant.”

“Is everything all right?” she asked. “Your cat didn’t escape again, did she?”

“Oh, um, yes. I’m sure she hasn’t gone far.” She’d gone no farther than the most comfortable chair in his quarters, from where she’d glared at him when he walked by, waking her from another ten-hour-long beauty nap.

“I’ll watch out for her.” Kress passed on and rounded the corner to the quarters belonging to the more junior officers. Jarvez listened for the sound of a door opening and closing, holding his breath. When it came and the section was quiet once more, he sighed with relief and moved to Alyn’s door. He tapped in the code without looking, keeping an eye on the corridor. The door gave a short burr of denial—the cock-blocking bastard.

He’d entered the wrong code. When he tried again, watching the tiny screen this time, the door didn’t blow him a raspberry but instead made a noise like someone had pleased it in an intimate way. Whoever coded the sounds of the doors on this ship was a pervert, Jarvez thought. He’d overheard a crewman say that, when unlocked, the doors sighed like a well-satisfied woman. Jarvez would have to take his word for how that sounded.

He slid open the door manually, since it was quieter that way, and closed it quickly behind him. Lights from panels pierced the darkness of the living room, and a pale, luminous blue rectangle picked out the door into the bedroom. None of them gave enough illumination for him to walk anywhere he wasn’t familiar with, but he’d walked this way many times in the past months. Also, this being Alyn’s room, he wouldn’t encounter anything unexpected on the floor to trip over. In a moment he stood unscathed at the door to the bedroom. Not a sound from beyond it. He took hold of the handle and pressed it until the catch released. Very slowly he opened the door and looked into the room.

Alyn lay in his bed, visible in the dim light he always kept on above his bed. The captain might be called at any time in the night, he’d explained. He didn’t want to waste time getting the lights on. Personally Jarvez didn’t know how Alyn could stand it and feared Alyn’s night-light might prove a sticking point if ever his bedroom became their bedroom. It already guaranteed Jarvez rarely spent the whole night here. Only accidentally, if they fell asleep in a state of sweaty exhaustion after making love.

He looked at Alyn. Captain Alyn Evans, commander of the Red Dragon, who lay with the covers pushed down to his waist. His heavily muscled torso, with its sparse black hair dusting chest and belly, was pale in the soft night-light. The slight tan he’d come back aboard with after several weeks of home leave four months ago had long since faded.

Jarvez frowned. Alyn lay with his head pillowed on his forearm, face perfectly composed. A little too still and perfectly posed, Jarvez realized, showing off his magnificent body to maximum advantage.

“Knock it off,” Jarvez said. “I know you’re awake.”

ALYN OPENED HIS eyes and smiled at Jarvez standing in the doorway.

“Of course I’m awake. You couldn’t have made more noise if you were wearing clogs.”

“I made no noise. You’ve set a trip wire, haven’t you?”

“I’m just a light sleeper.”

“Too light a sleeper for a man who claims he doesn’t have a guilty conscience.” Jarvez came into the room and closed the door behind him. He began to undress, dropping his dark blue robe first, then the shirt of his pajamas, honey-colored silk falling down his arms. In the low light his skin, usually a light tan, looked darker, his face deeply shadowed, expression unreadable.

Alyn’s heart quickened at the sight. Jarvez was still a man of mystery to him, even after knowing each other for nine months. He kept many secrets. But keeping their relationship from the rest of the crew was a secret they shared. Only one other person aboard knew about them—possibly two, if McKinley had told Kelly, whom he was close to.

Jarvez pushed his pants over his narrow hips and let them fall down his long legs. He stood there in a relaxed pose, arms loose at his sides, as if merely waiting for his tea to brew, not waiting for his lover to call him to bed. His fingertips brushed the outsides of his thighs, and Alyn’s skin rose in goose bumps in response, as if the fingers had touched him. The memory of the many times they had touched him was strong enough to produce the reaction.

Alyn broke the standoff first. He pulled back the bedclothes. He wasn’t naked—he’d never been comfortable sleeping naked aboard ship when there could be an emergency anytime. He had on a pair of loose shorts that reached his knees. Jarvez hated them with a passion, so Alyn wore them quite deliberately to provoke him. Jarvez scowled, then pounced. He climbed onto the bed, straddled Alyn, stripped the offending shorts off, and tossed them across the room with some force.

“I’ve asked you not to wear those horrible things,” he growled. “And yet you persist.”

“Buy me some silk pajamas when we get to Deneb,” Alyn said. “Call them a late birthday gift.”

“You had your gift on Vegas.” Jarvez grinned. “And you seemed very satisfied with it.”

Indeed. His forty-third birthday had happened to fall when the Red Dragon stopped at New Vegas, halfway on her trip from Earth to Deneb. Alyn and Jarvez had booked into the same hotel suite they’d stayed in during their previous visit and…celebrated. Afterward Alyn had decided it had been the best birthday since his sixth, when his parents gave him his first bike.

Alyn took hold of Jarvez’s upper arms and pulled him down into a kiss. Jarvez shuffled around until he lay full length on top of Alyn and their hardening cocks rubbed together, grew, urging each other on. When Jarvez moved away, stopped kissing, Alyn moaned in disappointment, but not for long. He knew where Jarvez was heading, kisses trailing down Alyn’s chest and belly. His hair tickled Alyn’s sensitized skin and made him squirm and pant with pleasure.

He reached down and threaded his fingers though Jarvez’s fine, soft hair. It was getting long, due a haircut when they arrived on Deneb. The longer the better, Alyn thought, loving the shine of the glossy dark hair, loving the way it slid through his fingers like silk. His hand tensed, and he gripped the hair tight as Jarvez’s lips touched the head of his cock, but he regained control quickly, relaxing his hand, stroking, not gripping.

“Ji,” he sighed out. That secret name, the first one he’d known Jarvez by, the one he only used when they were this intimate. Jarvez groaned, and the vibration hummed along Alyn’s cock. He gasped, breathed faster, but his iron self-control kept him from thrusting at Jarvez’s face. He restrained the urge. It felt too animal. Too rough. The more Jarvez asked for roughness, the less inclined Alyn felt to give him it. To keep Jarvez happy, he took charge in other ways.

“Ji,” he said again in a louder, sharper voice. A voice he might well use giving orders on the bridge. “Ride me.”

Jarvez didn’t need telling twice. He grabbed the pot of lube kept in a drawer above the bed and started rubbing it into Alyn’s cock. Alyn’s back arched off the bed. He moaned but hung on to control until Jarvez finished the prep and knelt over him, then sank slowly down onto his cock. He found the perfect position without hesitation. His body yielded to Alyn, muscles relaxing, welcoming the familiar cock inside. They’d been lovers for months, and their bodies had no secrets from each other. Alyn rested his hands on Jarvez’s thighs as Jarvez paused, head back, eyes closed. His Adam’s apple ran up and down as he swallowed, his lips moving but silent.

“Are you saying a prayer?” Alyn asked.

Jarvez looked down at him. His hair hung about his face, shadowing his eyes. “What could I have to pray for when I have everything I want right here inside me?”

Alyn swallowed a couple of times in his turn. “A prayer of thanks, then?” he asked, trying to keep his tone light. But Jarvez laughed and leaned forward, placing one elegant hand on Alyn’s chest.

“Your command ego is showing,” he said, giving one of Alyn’s nipples a tweak, enough to make Alyn snort and writhe, his need suddenly urgent.

“Ride me,” he ordered. Jarvez straightened, pushed up with his knees on either side of Alyn, and sank down. Rose and sank again. And again. Slow at first, speeding up gradually. Alyn gripped his thighs hard, staring at Jarvez, tall over him, pleasuring himself with his hand as he rode Alyn’s cock. He raised his other hand and ran it through his hair, pulling it across his face, then moved on, exploring the flat planes of his own chest and belly with his long fingers.

Alyn should be the one saying a prayer of thanks. Or composing a song to the wonder of this beautiful man he still couldn’t believe had become his. A song he could only sing in his quarters. He wanted to sing it on the bridge. He wanted to paint their names inside a heart on the hull of the ship. He’d always thought of the vessels he’d commanded as his ships. But the Red Dragon was their ship. The captain and the company man. Their ship. Their home.

The world whited out behind his eyes as he came, yelling. This was the song Jarvez made him sing. A song of ecstasy. A song of triumph at a pinnacle of pleasure attained. He opened his eyes when Jarvez cried out too, pumping his cock fast as his cum struck Alyn’s chest and belly. It felt as hot as melted candle wax on the exposed, sweat-cooled skin.

Alyn was limp, spent, and could barely catch Jarvez and hold him close as he flopped forward. The bed was wide enough for them to lie side by side, but he liked this, a blanket of hot man keeping him warm.

When their breathing had returned to normal Jarvez raised his head and rested his chin on Alyn’s chest. Alyn looked down at him, not liking that position much, sure the angle gave him a double chin. Maybe Jarvez saw nothing but the eyes gazing back at him, as Alyn did. Chins, nose, and ears were all just background to him. Jarvez’s light hazel eyes had been one of the first things that had drawn him, all those months ago on Deneb. In the soft light they glowed like amber. The two men lay that way for what might have been minutes, might have been hours. Alyn wondered how long ago it was that simply gazing into a man’s eyes could entertain him for hours at a time. Not since those months with Will, maybe… He dismissed the thoughts. He didn’t need any other man. Not even memories of him.

His alarm stirred them from the almost unblinking contemplation. The gentle beeping was as intrusive as a battle station’s Klaxon while he lay with Jarvez in his arms.

“Alarm off,” he snapped. But the mood was broken. Jarvez levered himself up off Alyn and sat on the side of the bunk.

“I’d better go before people start stirring,” he said.

“Yes.” Alyn sighed. He held Jarvez’s arm, reluctant to let him go. “I suppose you have to.”

“I don’t have to,” Jarvez said. “Not if we stop this sneaking-around nonsense.” He stood, his arm slipping from Alyn’s grasp, and gathered his discarded pajamas. He’d been lobbying Alyn to allow their relationship to become public knowledge for weeks now. Alyn was dubious, conscious of his position. Perhaps too conscious. In the military it would have been unthinkable to let this affair become known. In the military it would have been unthinkable for this affair to be happening, not with a man under his command. But this was not the military.

“I’m still thinking about it,” Alyn said. “I told you I’d decide by the time we get to Deneb.”

“Alyn, we’re due to make orbit at noon today.”

“So I have some time.”

Jarvez rolled his eyes. “Fine.” He put his robe on over his pajamas and cinched the tie. “Well, you just let me know if and when you decide to let the crew know what they all know anyway.”

“They don’t know. McKinley is not a gossip.”

“Maybe not. But with rare exceptions, neither is the ship crewed by blind, oblivious idiots.” He scowled, and as he left the room, Alyn heard him mutter, “Though it may be commanded by one.”

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