August Links

9 Story Openings To Avoid, Part 2 Kristin Nelson & Angie Hodapp continue their series on Nelson Agency blog. Your opening pages might be in trouble if… #2) Your novel opens with White Room Syndrome. In other words, you may have succeeded at putting at least one character on the page, and maybe some sort […]

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July Links

Links a little late this month. I hadn’t collected enough by last weekend! Writing Query Letters (or, how to be touched with a bargepole) K.J. Charles on query letters and why you’re probably overthinking them. Aspiring authors get pretty ground down by this stuff so herewith a few tips. Firstly, this is honestly not as […]

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June Links

Publish Your First Draft Interesting and controversial post by Bill Peschel. Is it a waste of time to edit your novel? In the past few months I learned a very important lesson about the best way to revise your novel. Don’t. It’s a waste of time and energy. Not only don’t readers mind too much, […]

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May Links

How to Declutter Your Writing Ideas and Finish More Projects Dana Sitar on how to get those unfinished projects sorted out and maybe finished. But think about how many aha! moments you’ve had. How many brilliant stories you’ve conceived. How many shower thoughts you’ve scribbled into notebooks. You can’t write them all. But you feel […]

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April Links

Fact and Fiction: The Trouble with Historical Novels Writer of historical fiction, Richard Blake, on some of the less obvious pitfalls for writers of historical fiction. If you describe anything as “the worst thing that can happen,” it probably isn’t. Whatever you care to imagine, there’s usually something worse. But one of the worst things […]

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