July Links

Romance Novel Think Pieces For Dummies
Jessica Tripler on Bookriot with some – ahem – advice to journalists who want to write about the Romance genre.

1. Use an image of Fabio. He hasn’t graced a romance novel cover in decades but you want your readers to think they recognize him as the guy who’s on all the covers of those books they don’t read.

The One Thing You Need to Know Is Everything
Natalie Damschrode on the Romance University blog about continuing education for writers, but not only about the writing itself.

Jennifer commented on how much publishing has changed since my first post in 2009, so of course the first thing I did was go back and read that. And she’s right. Obviously, authors have so many more options, so much more control over their careers, so many ways to individualize their path to publication. But it struck me that one thing has never changed, not in the 23 years since I started writing romantic fiction.

Education is probably the most important element in the foundation of your writing career.

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June Links

Angel’s Bits: You Own a Yacht, Right?
Angel Martinez on the Queer Sci-Fi blog talks about some common myths newbie writers believe and can damage their publishing chances.

Turns out said friend writes LGBT Fantasy and was interested in learning about finding a publisher vs. self publishing. And here’s where the tearing of hair and sprinkling of ashes begins. Now, to be fair, Mr. Friend of Friend is new to this game. We were all new at one point, and many of us were led astray by bad information. Many of his statements and/ or questions are common ones from new authors and some of them are ones I’ve heard all along the way.

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There may be links ahead

10 things not to say (or do) to your editor
Andi Marquette with advice for those maybe working with an editor for the first time.

I know what it feels like to be working with an editor who you think is missing the point of your vision, who is crushing your writing dreams by saying a scene doesn’t work, who just might be a cross between a werewolf and a vampire and is merely toying with your emotions before stomping on your ego. I get that. But I also know what it’s like to help a writer realize her vision in clearer, stronger prose so that she goes on to write better prose later and she remains a colleague and works with you many times after that because she trusts you.

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A shower of links

April already. Has spring sprung properly where you are yet?

6 Reasons Writers Can’t Write….
Victoria Grefer on the Crimson League blog about the commonest reasons writers get stuck not writing.

Here are six things, that in different times or in various combinations, have prevented me from writing. It’s important to do your best to understand why the task feels daunting when it becomes that way. Often it’s easy to blame the BIG reason, the obvious reason, when the true barrier might be a combination of different factors. Sometimes, addressing the obvious issues doesn’t do quite enough to get us motivated again.

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Linking into Spring

Is it spring yet? If not, why not? Okay, it’s still pretty nippy here, so cuddle up in your thermals and check out some links.

Fatal Submission Mistakes
Writers worry they’re going to ruin their chances before their books are even read. Wendy Lawton on Books and Such discusses how some fatal mistakes are not as fatal as you think. Take her quiz to find out which is which!

1) At a writer’s conference you pitched your book to an agent who seemed very interested. She handed you her business card and asked you to send the proposal and first three chapters. The trouble is, you learned so much at the conference you wanted to make changes before you sent it. How time flies while fiddling with a manuscript. It’s now nearly a year later, you’re heading to the conference again and chances are that agent may see you even though you plan to avoid her at all costs. Fatal submission mistake? Yes or No

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