January Links

Links will be third weekend of the month this year, mostly to move the post a bit further away from the Lucky 7th post. Enjoy! Hate the Character, Love the Book? Charlotte Wood on The Hoopla challenges the notion that characters must be “likeable”. The broader issue of ‘likeability’ in fictional characters is intriguing. Most […]

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December Links

Early Happy Linky Christmas all! The Happiness and Productivity Magic Formula Liam Livings on chasing success and how it can keep you from being happy. Something to consider as you look forward to the new year and set your goals. If happiness is the other side of the horizon for success, this thing we always […]

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November Links

I wonder how many words I’ve done for NaNoWriMo when this posts? Afloat, One Girl: Forging a Queer Identity Moving post by Liz on Queer Romance Month about how important various books have been over her life. But for myself, the only time I ever felt validated in my feelings was when I read. I […]

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October Links

Why You Should Write Your Novel From The Middle James Scott Bell on the Romance University blog about a crucial turning point in your story. Even though the writers may not have been conscious of it, they were creating something in the middle of their stories that pulled together the entire narrative. It was not […]

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September Links

Ah, the miracle of scheduling. I’m not home right now, I’m in Bristol, at the UK Meet. If you’re not there too, console yourself with these links. :) A Recipe for Nanowrimo: Plan Your Characters and Improvise Your Plot It’s not so long before NaNoWriMo now. I know I’m already planning. Roz Morris has some […]

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