End of an Era

Well, the day came. The Loose Id website is gone. My first publisher is no more. It’s just a couple of months short of eight years since I first submitted to them. Eight years and fifteen novels & novellas. I’ve learned so much from their editors. They always gave me great covers. It’s been a […]

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It’s 2018. Now what?

Happy new year, readers. Well 2017 is gone and good riddance to it. Just when I was thinking it couldn’t get worse, the publisher of most of my books, Loose Id, announce that it will be closing in May 2018 as I blogged about last month. It’s a sad situation that many small press publishers […]

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News roundup

Here we are at the end of May already and I’ve still been crazy busy since my last news roundup at the end of February. So time for another quick run through what’s happened, what’s happening now and what’s going to happen in the future. ::whisks cloth dramatically from crystal ball:: Releases Book four in […]

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News roundup

It’s only two months into the year and a lot has happened already, so I feel it’s time for a news roundup of where everything is and what’s coming up from me in the next few months. Recently Released The third of the Red Dragon series is out now from Loose Id! Alyn and Jarvez […]

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Release Day – Dream For Me

It’s release day for my 9th novel with Loose Id. Dream For Me is available now! Blurb In a society awake for twenty-four hours a day a man who sleeps is a freak. But not to neurobiologist Shay Mistry. Jacob Garcia, the last known sleeper in America, is the test subject whose brain Shay has […]

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